Feng Shui- Billionaire Donald Trump’s Secret To Success

“He owns TAJ MAHAL, one of the most beautiful casinos in the world, has a multi-billion dollar real estate business, is married to a smokin HOT woman, hosts American reality television-THE APPRENTICE, is a best selling author, and owns a chain of hotels!…THE MAN’S GOT IT ALL”

The success of  Billionaire Donald Trump, apparently, has got a lot to do with application of the traditional Chinese system- feng shui. He uses this science to generate profitability, and protect his massive investments from financial storms. People close to Trump say that he constantly consults feng shui masters, to make sure his decisions and living/working space is compliant with the natural laws of nature.

He is known to expend large sums of money to make design changes to his residential and commercial buildings to assure they are in harmony with the feng shui principles. Everything this man touches turns to gold!

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