Strong Feng Shui Cures to Help You Get Pregnant

When a couple has a hard time getting pregnant, thoughts are often directed towards infertility; that somehow the pair is biologically incapable. Remember, there are several causes of childlessness, some which can be easily bypassed with the intervention of Feng shui.

Feng Shui is believed to be extremely effective in eradicating blockages in our environment, in return strengthening and balancing the energy of our living space. More specifically, there are certain traditional feng shui elements and items which are definite cures for pregnancy,

Improve Fertility Chi Inside the House

  • It’s important to keep the environment inside the house calm. Don’t start any renovation or remodeling in the house while trying to conceive.
  • Eliminate sharp angles inside and outside the house. In case you can’t get rid of them, try to hide them with plants or cover them up with furniture.
  • Exhibit pomegranate fruits, elephants with their trunks down, and baby pictures around the house
  • One remarkable cure is to let several little children jump on the childless couple’s bed, consequently energizing it and attracting the much required fertility chi or energy.
  • Hang a medium sized crystal in the Creativity and Children Bagua area of the bedroom. It is very effective when you’re trying to have a baby. This area falls in the west.

Improve Fertility Chi Outside the House

  • If there is anything blocking your front door, remove it immediately. Things like trees, bushes, parked cars sometimes obstruct the front entrance, preventing positive fertility chi from entering the house.
  • Plant fruit trees outside your house, and take good care of them! Fruit bearing trees are a primeval symbol of fertility, and more the fruits they generate, the higher your odds of conceiving.
  • Hang a brass wind chime on your front entrance to attract energy into your home.

These traditional feng shui cures have been in use in the in Asian homes for decades to bring good luck to couples who want to have a baby.


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