Dogs occupy the eleventh spot in the Chinese Zodiac, symbolizing traits such as- compatibility, faithfulness, and compassion. They are known for offering useful advice and being exceptionally kind towards others. People born under this sign have the habit of getting themselves deeply involved in other people’s matters, because of which they are often termed as meddlers.

Dogs are extremely determined and have high morals. They are also very loyal, truthful, and reliable. It’s important for dogs to have a well organized and clean house to live in. However, they are money wise and dislike spending on luxury items. Dogs also like to save money for a secure future.

Dogs may get temperamental, obstinate and narrow-minded at times. Usually, when things go haywire, they like to stay alone to clear up their head and find a constructive solution.


Professionally, dogs are extremely dependable. Because of this nature, they generally become important employees.

Best career choices for dogs are:

  • Police officer
  • Counselor
  • Professor
  • Nurse
  • Judge
  • Clerk


Dogs can fight off any kind of illness. They are resilient.


People born under this sign are extremely dependable but they have a hard time trusting others. They take a lot of time to get comfortable with someone, and till the time they don’t trust somebody they will be extremely judgmental and rough towards them.

Dogs aren’t very romantic. Partners normally get scared by their insecure, troublesome and anxious nature. Dogs are emotionally cold.

Dogs are best compatible with:

  • Horse
  • Tiger

Dogs are incompatible with:

  • Rooster
  • Dragon

The Five Elements And The Dog

Metal– Dogs Born In Years 1910 and 1970
Metal dogs never shy away from commitment. They are dedicated towards their relationships and work. They have high expectations from others and from themselves.

Water– Dogs Born In Years 1922 and 1982
Water dogs love to work in groups. However, they like being part of a pack and not leaders. They’re realistic, loving, flexible and peaceful.

Wood– Dogs Born In Years 1934 and 1994
Wood Dogs also like to work in groups. Although shy initially, Wood Dogs can become wonderful companions. They’re laid-back, affectionate, and faithful.

Fire– Dogs Born In Years 1946 and 2006
Fire Dogs are born leaders. People are attracted to them because of their charismatic personality. They’re sexually attractive, confident and energetic.

Earth– Dogs Born In Years 1958 and 2018
Earth dogs possess traits such as dependability and trustworthiness. Their unbiased nature enables them to be supportive of other people’s opinion. They are self-assured and instigate confidence in others.