Dragon occupies the fifth position in the Zodiac and is believed to be the mightiest of all animals. Dragons are extremely dominating and ambitious. They like to make their own rules and are more successful when they venture out alone. People born under this sign are driven, confident and risk takers. They’re passionate about everything they do and like to live it large. However, on the down side, this passion can leave them exhausted and unfulfilled.

Dragons do not like asking for help but they never back out from helping others. Although dragons are always surrounded by people because of their enigmatic personality, deep down, they like being left alone. That’s probably because Dragon’s are more efficient when they work unaccompanied. These loners can, a lot of times, come across as arrogant and conceited, but they are far from that.

However, Dragons do have a temper which can flare fast!


Dragons like to be the leaders and are best suited for jobs which allow them to be creative.

Best career choices for Dragons are:

  • Computer analyst
  • Manager
  • Engineer
  • Lawyer
  • Architect
  • Inventor
  • Broker


Dragons enjoy a healthy life overall. However, because of their risk taking nature they do get tensed and suffer from occasional headaches. Dragons should incorporate activities such as walking and Yoga in their lives.


Dragons may fall in love but will never give up their independence for anyone. People who partner with Dragons in a romantic, professional or plutonic way have to be able to handle their vengeful tempers. Dragons enjoy people who fascinate them and when they find the “right mate” they normally commit for life.

Dragons Are Best Compatible With

  • Monkey
  • Rat

Dragons Are Incompatible With

  • Ox
  • Goat

The FIVE Elements And The Dragon

Metal– Dragons Born In Years 1940 and 2000
Metal Dragons are mentally very strong and like fighting for what they believe in. They are intrigued by people who can challenge them and their beliefs. Overall, metal dragons have all the qualities to be great leaders and normally find a lot of people to follow them.

Water– Dragons Born In Years 1952 and 2012
Water Dragons are calm and like to listen to other people’s perspectives before coming to a conclusion. They take well informed decisions and their choices are usually good.

Wood– Dragons Born In Years 1904 and 1964
Wood Dragons also like to listen to other people’s opinions. People born as wood dragons are extremely innovative and creative. They tend to get along with everyone, but are a little dominating.

Fire– Dragons Born In Years 1916 and 1976
Fire Dragons are a little reckless and tend to make hasty decisions. People born under this sign should keep their tempers in check.

Earth Dragons – Years 1928 and 1988
Earth Dragons are grounded and rational. Their decisions are normally sensible. People born as this animal prefer being admired by others.