Goat/sheep occupies the eighth spot in the Chinese Zodiac, symbolizing character traits such as intelligence, creativity, reliability, and composure. People born under this sign are more comfortable working alone and if compelled to work in a group they prefer being sidelined. Goats/sheep are outstanding care-givers. They’re reserved because they spend most of their time absorbed in their own thoughts.

Goats/sheep are most comfortable in their home- it is where they enjoy being artistic (cooking, painting etc). Goats/sheep fancy the couch as it relaxes their body and mind. They do not like intricate furnishings; only a few pieces reflecting their innate desire for art. People born under this sign are stylish and like to dress up in the latest fashions. When traveling they prefer places that are buzzing with people. Even though they live a first class lifestyle, they are not snobbish.


Power or status is not important to a Goat/sheep. They will never volunteer for a leadership role and will assume it only if asked directly.

Best career choices for Goats/Sheep are:

  • Florist
  • Interior designer
  • Pediatrician
  • Editor
  • Musician
  • Actor


Goats/sheep are serene creatures and seldom have any health problem. However, their fragile structure makes them appear unhealthy. When a Goat/sheep is happy, it is healthy. When Goats/sheep become sad, especially due to a break up, they become very sick.


Goats/sheep are extremely private, so it’s very hard to know them personally. Also, a Goat/sheep is very selective and carefully decides with whom and when it will share its private life. Consequently, most Goats/sheep have a small number of “close” friends, but they work hard to keep the one’s they love happy.

Goats /sheep are best compatible with:

  • Rabbits
  • Pigs

Goats /sheep are incompatible with

  • Rat
  • Ox

The FIVE Elements And The Goat/Sheep

Metal– Goats/Sheep Born In Years 1931 and 1991
Metal Goats/sheep have a tough exterior but are fragile inside. Metal Goats/sheep are extremely artistic and appreciate every form of art.

Water– Goats/Sheep Born In Years 1943 and 2003
Goats/sheep are cheerful and fun loving. They like to take things as they come, a trait which makes them fun to be around. Water Goats/sheep, however, lack self confidence.

Wood– Goats/Sheep Born In Years 1955 and 2005
Wood goats/sheep like company and mostly hang out in groups. They are helpful, but people tend to take advantage of their kindness. Wood Goats/sheep should spend more time thinking about their own selves.

Fire– Goats/Sheep Born In Years 1907 and 1967
Fire Goats/sheep are not concerned with the approval of the society. They always place themselves way ahead of others. Fire goats/sheep are extremely social and have a close circle of friends and family.

Earth– Goats/Sheep Born In Years 1919 and 1979
Earth Goats/sheep are very stable and grounded. They are conservative, realistic and independent, but lack self confidence. Most important thing in their life is their family.