Horse occupies the seventh position in the Chinese Zodiac and symbolizes character traits such as energy, strength, and gregariousness. Extremely vivacious, horses flourish on attention. They are always looking for a good time, and have the quality to keep the crowd thoroughly entertained.

People born under this sign are intelligent and capable of multi-tasking. However, their biggest flaw is leaving a task unfinished. They often don’t complete what they start. Horses are friendly, honest, a little too obsessed with themselves and known to throw tantrums when things don’t go their way.


Horses like jobs that are interactive. They hate taking orders and dislike routine work. Being intelligent, they easily grasp new subjects and are able to handle almost any job. They’re excellent communicators and love power.

Best Career Choices For Horses Are:

  • Sales
  • Journalist
  • Translator
  • Performer
  • Tour operator
  • Pilot


Horses are extremely positive and this trait helps them stay healthy. They are athletic and usually only feel unwell when trapped inside.


Horses are known to fall hard and fast for others. They give everything to each relationship, a trait that takes a lot away from them. Fortunately, this trait becomes less effective as they grow old and relationships tend to become stable and stronger later in life.

Horses Are Compatible With

  • Dog
  • Tiger

Horses Are Incompatible With

  • Rat
  • Monkey

The FIVE Elements And The Horse

Metal– Horses Born In Years 1930 and 1990
The one thing that scares Metal horses is commitment. They are free-spirited and like to live their life without liabilities. They jump from one job or relationship to another. Due to this, Metal Horses are better friends than lovers.

Water– Horses Born In Years 1942 and 2002
Water horses are a little fickle minded. They have a lot of problem deciding over something and consequently, they baffle their partners. Although this habit is a little frustrating, water horses are great fun to be around so most people don’t mind taking the good with the bad.

Wood– Horses Born In Years 1954 and 2014
Wood horses are strong, stable and great decision makers. They get along well with others; a quality which enables them to have successful professional and personal relationships.

Fire– Horses Born In Years 1906 and 1966
Fire horses are risk takers and like living on the edge. They love change and are known to be extremely opinionated.

Earth– Horses Born In Years 1918 and 1978
Earth Horses are extremely goal oriented and keep working till they achieve what they set out for. They like to analyze circumstances from all perspectives and this knack is particularly useful when it comes to taking decisions. They also have a funny bone.