Monkey occupies the ninth position in Chinese Zodiac, possessing character traits such as mischievousness, curiosity, and intelligence. Monkeys are playful, and masters of pranks. Even though their intention is always good but they end up hurting people’s feeling because of their innate desire to gag.

Monkeys have been given the gift of creativity and intelligence, which they have trouble showing. They prefer urban life and their preferred pastime is observing people.


Monkeys are capable of handling any kind of job. They are resilient and adapt quickly to changes. They make efficient workers.

Best career choices for monkeys are:

  • Scientist
  • Stock market trader
  • Dealer
  • Film director
  • Jeweler
  • Engineer
  • Accountant


Monkeys are full of energy and rarely fall sick. Their active lifestyle is what keeps them in good shape. Monkeys become ill only if they are nervous.


Monkeys don’t like settling down quickly. In fact, they are known to be promiscuous; a behavior propelled by their need for constant change. However, a monkey is known to commit fully once paired with the right partner.

Monkeys are best compatible with:

  • Rat
  • Dragon

Monkeys are incompatible with:

  • Horse
  • Snake

The FIVE Elements And The Monkey

Metal– Monkeys Born In Years 1920 and 1980
Metal Monkeys are firm and ambitious, they’re normally successful. Even though people born in this sign are well liked by others, they prefer being alone. Metal Monkeys are faithful to both their partners and employers.

Water– Monkeys Born In Years 1932 and 1992
Water Monkeys are sensitive and get hurt easily. They try to hide their emotions by being funny. If they are determined, they can be very successful. But usually they get easily distracted from their objective.

Wood– Monkeys Born In Years 1944 and 2004
The Wood Monkeys have excellent communication skills which enable them to be great with people. They are hard workers.

Fire Monkey – Monkeys Born In Years 1956 and 2016
Fire monkeys are extremely determined and accomplish what ever they set out to achieve. People like being in their company, even though they have a dominating nature.

Earth– Monkey Born In Years 1908 and 1968
Earth monkeys have very high morals and like to live life the “right” way. They’re extremely dependable and they fully commit to their relationships and work. The only thing earth monkeys want from others is respect.