The Ox sits comfortably at the second position. This animal possesses qualities such as strength, dependability, and willpower. Oxen’s believe in working hard to achieve their goals. They hate short cuts and look down upon people who like to take the easy road.

Oxen’s are extremely understanding and have the ability to listen to other’s opinions with a broad mind. However, the decisions they make is a result of their own researc.


Oxen prefer routine. They like to take a very procedural approach to complete house and office tasks and do well in jobs which are specialized. Also, Oxen excel when they work alone. They have an eye for detail and excellent work ethic.

Best career choices for Oxen are:

  • Painter
  • Interior designer
  • Carpenter
  • Archeologist
  • Mechanic
  • Engineer
  • Banker
  • Broker
  • Real estate agent


Oxen are extremely strong and enjoy a healthy, long, and fulfilled life. However, they have a tendency to over work themselves, rarely giving themselves time to relax. We recommend incorporating non-work-related activity in your life if you are an Ox.


Oxen are really attached to their home and that’s where they go to seek comfort. They like outdoor activities such as working in the garden or nurturing the yard. They also like to read and watch TV occasionally.

People born under this sign are introverts and do not like to socialize too much. They hate indulging in small talk and will never waste their time flirting. They like to believe in “the perfect mate” and don’t mind waiting for their partner. Oxen are afraid of change and due to their overbearing nature and tendency to place blame on other people, their relationships seldom work out. However, when Oxen recognize that any relationship (business, plutonic or love) involves two different people and two different belief systems, fulfilling matches are possible.

Oxen like making connections which are life-long and un-casual.

Oxen are best compatible with

  • Rooster
  • Rat

Oxen are incompatible with

  • Horse
  • Tiger

The FIVE Elements And The Ox

Metal– Oxen Born In Years 1901 and 1961
Metal Oxen are really strong and work exceptionally hard to achieve their goals. They’re loyal, dependable and emotionally intelligent. However, they do have a problem understanding other people’s feelings.

Water – Oxen Born In Years 1913 and 1973
Water Oxen are known to be flexible, and are very good at interpreting other people’s feelings and emotions. They’re honest, patient and prove to be interesting company for others.

Wood– Oxen Born In Years 1925 and 1985
Wood Oxen are team workers and great leaders. They possess traits such as self-confidence, strong work ethic and strong sense of morals. Their only down side is their temper (which flairs quickly) and their bluntness.

Fire – Oxen Born In Years 1937 and 1997
Fire Oxen are known to be natural leaders. They usually hold positions of significance in the community and at work. They too are short tempered and react hastily instead of taking into consideration other people’s opinion.

Earth– Oxen Born In Years 1949 and 2009
Earth Oxen are extremely hard-working and cautious, which makes them successful in life. Socially, they are liked by others due to their modesty, reliability and sincerity.