Pig occupies the twelfth position in the Chinese Zodiac, symbolizing character traits such as meticulousness, kindness, and bigheartedness. Pigs like having fun and make great partners. They are large-hearted and love giving back to the society. Honesty is a virtue pigs hold above anything else.

People born under this sign keep away from quarrels and do anything to preserve peace. This attribute at times makes it very easy for other people to take advantage of them. Pigs are giving beings, help and never expect anything in return. Moneywise, pigs don’t like saving, they rather spend on good brands.


Pigs are known to be excessive eaters, drinkers and smokers. They lead an inactive lifestyle which causes them to put on a lot of weight. Exercise is a must for pigs.


Pigs are dependable and can be counted on easily. They like to work in environments which help them nurture their creative side. Pigs do not like highly responsible jobs.

Best career choices for pigs are:

  • Entertainer
  • Doctor
  • Veterinarian
  • Hospitality
  • Caterer


Pigs are excellent partners. They are both giving and supportive. They’re loving and sexual and enjoy being with their family. When they find their perfect partner, they commit for life.

Pigs are best compatible with


Pigs are incompatible with


The Five Elements And The Pig

Metal– Pigs Born In Years 1911 and 1971
Metal Pigs are tough. They work hard and love with all their heart. They’re honest and trust people easily.

Water– Pigs Born In Years 1923 and 1983
Water Pigs are extremely dependable. They can be influenced easily. However, they too are pretty manipulative. Water pigs like to have fun.

Wood– Pigs Born In Years 1935 and 1995
Wood Pigs are very helpful. They are large hearted and extremely intelligent.

Fire– Pigs Born In Years 1947 and 2007
Fire Pigs are big risk takers and highly focused. If they set their mind on something, they make sure they get it (whether in business or romance). Fire Pigs have all the leadership qualities.

Earth– Pigs Born In Years 1959 and 2015
Earth Pigs are homely beings; they do not make good leaders. However, they have the quality of being extremely organized and approaching situations strategically.