The Rat occupies No: 1 position among the Chinese Zodiac Animals and symbolizes character traits such as imagination, humor, and inquisitiveness. Rats are believed to be excellent observers, a skill which helps them figure out people and situations. Generally, Rats are highly energetic, charming, and talkative. Their down side, however, is that they tend to become really aggressive.

Rats never share their problems with others but are excellent advice givers. They are survivors who possess qualities such as honesty, and an eternal love for life.


Rats are highly capable and extremely wise. They like to keep their eyes fixed on the ultimate goal. Their good judgment helps them solve problems easily and sometimes before they even arise. Rats have a thing for positions as they symbolize money and status; their main motivations. Rats are excellent bosses but they hate monotony. They like flexible positions which let their creativity flow.

Best career choices for rats are:

Politician, researcher


Rats enjoy good health. They like to stay active which keeps them in shape. However, the problem with rats is that they take a lot of stress and can tense up easily. For that matter, regular exercise, such as Yoga, is recommended to keep the nerves calm.


Rats possess a charming nature. They are extremely social and are always meeting new people. However, they are extremely bad at break ups and this flaw gets them into a lot of emotional trouble. Any other sign planning to date or partner with a Rat should be prepared to keep up with its social nature.

Rats are best compatible with


Rats are incompatible with


The FIVE Elements And The Rats

Metal– Rats Born In Years 1900 and 1960
Metal Rats are known to be extremely strong willed and like to get things done their way, irrespective of the cost. Intensely emotional, they sometimes exhibit an extreme kind of behavior. Possessiveness, rage and envy are often related to them.
Relationships can be difficult as Metal Rats are extremely stubborn.

Water– Rats Born In Years 1912 and 1972
Water Rats are tremendously influential. They’re shrewd and smart which makes them outstanding problem-solvers. Water Rats enjoy good relationships with others because of their practical and understanding nature.

Wood– Rats Born In Years 1924 and 1984
Wood rats appear extremely confident outwardly but are not as self-assured from within. However, they will never expose this insecurity to others. They’re extremely successful in spite of their eternal fear of failing. Wood Rats like spending time with family and friends and luckily for them, feelings of respect and love are reciprocated.

Fire– Rats Born In Years 1936 and 1996
Fire Rats are extremely spontaneous. They like to travel and do new things and take on new adventures just to avoid any kind of monotony or routine. They’re enthusiastic, energetic, and extremely giving. People love them.

Earth– Rats Born In Years 1948 and 2008
Earth Rats go after stability, and try to make roots for a successful future. They think that doing things slowly and steadily is the best approach. Although being spontaneous comes naturally to them this kind of behavior does not suit them.