Rooster occupies the tenth position in the Chinese Zodiac, symbolizing character traits such as self-belief, pompousness and drive. People born under this sign are dependable, loyal and blunt. Their frankness stems from their habit of being honest.

Roosters like the lime light and are extremely social. They also like bragging about their accomplishments, which can get really annoying for others. Roosters are very proud of their homes. They’re immaculately organized and have really clean houses.


People born under this sign are extremely hard-working and motivated.

Best career choices for roosters are:

  • Actors
  • Dancers
  • Musicians
  • CPA
  • Dentist
  • Banker
  • Secretary


Roosters like staying active, a habit which keeps them healthy. However, times when they take on too much work, they’ll feel strained and moody.


Roosters are not liked by people who find their frankness offending. They are best suited with a partner who is tough-skinned and appreciates “in your face” remarks. Roosters may have a tough exterior but they have a warm heart, overflowing with love.

Roosters Are best compatible with:

  • Ox
  • Snake

They are incompatible with:

  • Goat
  • Rabbit

The FIVE Elements And The Rooster

Metal– Roosters Born In Years 1921 and 1981
Metal Roosters have a big ego and like to keep company with those who feed it. They are extremely analytical. Their destructive nature makes it hard for them to keep friends.

Water– Roosters Born In Years 1933 and 1993
Water roosters are calm and less ambitious. People born as water roosters are detail-oriented and very energetic. However, they fail to focus on the end result, keeping themselves occupied with unnecessary details.

Wood– Roosters Born In Years 1945 and 2005
Wood roosters are team workers. They are extremely optimistic and like to look at a glass as half-full. The only problem with wood roosters is that they never complete what they start. This usually happens because they take more work than they can handle.

Fire– Roosters Born In Years 1957 and 2017
Fire Roosters are perfectionists and spend most of their life perfecting their image. They have excellent leadership and organizational skills. However, they tend to get too blunt, a trait which offends a lot of people.

Earth– Roosters Born In Years 1909 and 1969
Earth roosters are known for their excellent multi tasking ability and an eye for detail. They’re motivated, and like to set high standards for themselves. They also expect nothing but the best from others. This attitude sometimes leads to hostility. Hence, Earth Roosters must adopt a more understanding approach.