Snake occupies the sixth position in Chinese Zodiac and represents traits such as- flexibility, intelligence, and materialism. People born under this sign are known to be severely analytical and like getting what they want, even if they have to plan and plot to get it.

Snakes are materialistic beings and love to surround themselves with the finer things in life.


Snakes have a tendency to get bored easily; hence they keep changing jobs. Unfortunately, this laid back attitude causes them to be categorized as lazybones, something which is far from the truth! Snakes are extremely creative and hard-working and handle deadlines very well.

Best career choices for Snakes are:

  • Scientist
  • Investigator
  • Analyst
  • Astrologer
  • Dietician
  • Sociologist


Snakes love to stay in surroundings that are quiet and calm. Also, they prefer a flexible schedule, which can be easily managed. Over booked schedules make them weary and stressed. It’s advisable for a snake to meditate every now and then to stay at peace.


Snakes have been gifted with the art of seduction and never have problem attracting people. However, they like to keep relationships under their own control, deciding when a relationship is worth growing and when it is not. Once snakes choose their partners, their insecurity begins to surface. Snakes are extremely possessive, jealous and obsessive.

Never break a snake’s trust or you will have to face revenge!

Snakes are best compatible with

  • Rooster
  • Ox

Snakes are incompatible with

  • Pig
  • Monkey

The FIVE Elements And The Snakes

Metal– Snake Born In Years 1941 and 2001
Metal snakes are goal-oriented, and strive to get what they want. Failure is not an option for them. With the kind of money they manage to earn, they keep buying possessions – for themselves.

Water– Snakes Born In Years 1953 and 2013
Water snakes are extremely shrewd, intellectual, and motivated. These Snakes like to work in teams and enjoy getting rewarded. They hide their feelings very well and only open up to those who are close to them.

Wood– Snake Born In Years 1905 and 1965
Wood snakes are friendly and have a very deep sense of family values. They are genuine and kind. However, they hate being advised.

Fire– Snake s Born In Years 1917 and 1977
Fire Snakes are expressive, extrovert, and animated. People like to be friends with them. These snakes are also known to be extremely persuasive and good at convincing others to follow them.

Earth– Snakes Born In Years 1929 and 1989
Earth Snakes are known to be peaceful and satisfied. They’re approachable and like to work hard to get what they want.