The third position belongs to the Chinese Zodiac- Tiger. Just like the animal, people under this zodiac are brave, competitive and unpredictable. Tigers love it when they are tested and will never falter on accepting a challenge for protecting their honor and loved ones. They may appear calm from the outside but when the need be, they will not waste any time pouncing at the competition. The self belief and courage of a tiger is inspiring.

Tigers are born leaders and are extremely intelligent. They are stubborn but at the same time possess a generous heart.


Money and Power don’t motivate Tigers. Their real motivation is challenge. They have this undying urge to be dared and tested which explains why Tigers hate sticking to one job for too long. This, however, is never a problem for them as they are quick learners and pick up new skills and subjects easily.

Best career choices for Tigers are:

  • Advertising agent,
  • Travel agent,
  • Office manager,
  • Actor,
  • Pilot,
  • Flight attendant,
  • Writer,
  • Chauffeur

Tigers make great leaders.


Tigers tend to pounce on their work which leaves them exhausted and worn out. Even though they feel as good as new after some rest, this habit leads to a lot of health problems as they grow older. Tigers must try to develop a more balanced attitude to make sure they use their energy efficiently.


Tigers have a charming personality and are liked by others. Creativity flows through them, hence they never fail to amuse their partners. People born under this zodiac are well-mannered, expressive, and reliable, with a streak of dominance. This trait is inbred but can be kept under control. Partnering or dating a tiger means keeping up with his sense of adventure.

Tigers Are Best Compatible With

  • Dog
  • Horse

Tigers Are Incompatible With

  • Goat
  • Ox

The FIVE Elements and the Tiger

Metal– Tigers Born In Years 1950 and 2010
Metal Tigers are believed to be assertive, sharp, and extremely competitive. If they set their mind to anything, they cannot be stopped. They have a serious need for attention, and do almost anything to remain the focal point. One thing metal tigers should work on is their tendency to jump into conclusions.

Water– Tigers Born In Years 1902 and 1962
Water Tigers are known to be calm and sensitive. They respect other people’s opinions and listen to them carefully. Water tigers are intuitive and judge situations and people accurately.

Wood– Tigers Born In Years 1914 and 1974
Wood tigers possess a giving nature, because of which people like being around them. They’re kindhearted and do whatever they can to help others.

Fire – Tigers Born In Years 1926 and 1986
Fire tigers are expressive, lively and unconventional; they are also extremely positive and like to see a glass as half full. These tigers make excellent leaders. In fact, when Fire Tigers speak, everybody listens.

Earth– Tigers Born In Years 1938 and 1998
Earth tigers are extremely grounded and realistic. They never get carried away. Instead, they like to calmly evaluate situations from all angles before taking a decision. They’re extremely focused and successful.