Feng shui home is nothing less than an art which transforms a house into a dazzling, flawless quarter of perfection. Implementing this ancient Chinese system promises prosperity, love, and peace for the current residents as well as their descendents. In this segment we will discuss some generic feng shui tips you must follow to make sure your house resonates positivity –

No Footwear Around The Main Door

To begin with, you must make sure that there are no slippers or shoes around the main door of the house. It’s important to keep the space at the door clean because the chi (energy) tends to flow in with the wind, gathering the smell of the slippers and shoes and bringing it into the house, causing bad health and sickness.

Water Body

  • It’s auspicious to place an indoor water body (like a fountain) in the house, lay it in a favorable spot to attract health, wealth, happiness and more into your life.
  • Also, if you have an aquarium make sure it’s placed correctly to bring about big fortune. However you must also remember that if you tap wrongly on the “Divine Water Dragon’s Den”, it can lead to bankruptcy, lawsuits, work pressure, and other problems.

Children’s Bedroom

  • Never let your children sleep on a mattress placed on the floor. Such mattresses fail to get exposed to the fresh chi as the energy is unable to flow under the bed. Idyllically, chi must flow around the mattress where the children sleep to bestow good health on them.
  • When studying, make sure your child has his back to the wall. Also, it’s important to have solid walls at the back of the writing table. This helps in enhancing the concentration level of the child, helping him study for longer periods.
  • Children must never sleep on double bunk beds. In such beds the child who sleeps underneath will never be exposed to “fresh chi” and consequently his health will suffer. However, if you have space constraints, it’s important to monitor the child’s health by adding a crystal sphere or a metal 6 rods wind chime, to disintegrate the “stale chi” round his bed.
  • If your child tends to fall ill in his/her bedroom then either change the bedroom or hang a six rod metal wind chime which will break all energies of the earth in that room. However, if the wind does not do the job then you may have to “chime” it on your own.

Bed And Bedroom

  • Bed in any room must have a solid wall behind it. This is essential if you want good rest. A concrete wall makes sure you go into deeper slumber and consequently wake up feeling relaxed and fresh. Apart from this, such positions will also assist you to concentrate on your work better.
  • There must be no beam on top of a bed. Beams tend to cause the energy to be pressured, consequently making you face pressures in life.
  • Open your bedroom windows for at least half an hour a day to let the fresh energy flow in. Sleeping in a bedroom with ‘fresh chi’ brings good fortune.
  • Make sure there are no mirrors at the sides of the bed, or opposite your bed. Mirrors hung opposite to the bed have the potential to attract a third party in the relationship.
  • One of the feng shui tips also suggests that you should never have television sets in the bedrooms. However, if it’s hard for you to get rid of this bad habit, make sure you cover the set with a plastic cover after watching.


  • Never place a refrigerator, washbasin, washing machine, or toilet opposite your stove. The clash of fire and water can lead to disagreements in the family.

Living Area And Dining

  • Never keep a marble table in your dining room as that can cause severe work issues. Replace the marble table with a wooden one.
  • Never make use of a red sofa set. Red represents the element of fire and according to Feng Shui home, some places just can’t bear to have this color. Red sofa sets have the ability to give rise to troubles, heavy work pressure, and other obstacles.