Whether you live in a small apartment or in a house with a gigantic living room, there are certain rules you need to follow to tap into the positive energies with feng shui. Feng shui living room helps you build a peaceful retreat, full of harmony and serenity where you can slip your shoes off and relax. Remember, when you successfully implement this system you will feel the positive ‘chi’ flowing right through your living area resulting in improvement in the overall quality of your life.

Décor Of The Living Room

The living room is where the house members and guests interact with each other. For that matter, it’s important for this area to be warm and inviting. Improper placement of objects and wrong colors can result in an uncomfortable space that emits negative vibrations. Hence, it’s essential for you to follow feng shui guidelines when designing your living area.

  • Try to avoid clutter as it can block the flow of positive “chi”.
  • It’s important to make sure items placed in the room are selective. Keep lesser objects on display rather than a cupboard full.
  • Place an attractive work of art, television, and/or a healthy floor plant, in the Money area of the living room.
  • It’s desirable to have a fireplace, particularly if it is situated in the Power point. However, never hang a mirror on top of the fireplace as it can obstruct the flow of positive energy.

Feng Shui For Correct seating Arrangement:

  • Keep the sofas, chairs and couches in such a way that they face the main door. According to feng shui, people sitting in the living area should (at all times) have a clear view of the door.
  • The furniture should be arranged in an octagonal or circular manner. This promotes the feeling of comfort and positivity. Also, if the seating arrangement is in front of your window or opposite the door, shift it to avoid hampering the flow of energy.

Feng Shui For Walls

According to Feng shui living room, hanging a cheerful family picture or portrait of a big beautiful tree on the east wall keeps the family together. Apart from this, a picture of a lake or a waterfall on the northern wall is advantageous for career enhancement.

Feng Shui For Corners

Always pay attention to the corners and darker areas of your living room. These areas can reduce the flow of positive energy and create disharmony all around. The experts believe when every part of the room is brightly lit it can generate good luck, peace and harmony for the inmates. You can make use of lamps, plants with round leaves, and mirrors to transform dull corners into “chi” emitting spaces.

Objects For The Living Room As Per Feng Shui Home

Place the mirrors strategically. Mirrors can be used to make a room look spacious; to spread light to the dimmer areas, and to reflect the doors. However, it’s important for you to make sure that the mirror does not reflect the staircase, kitchen or the toilet. Also, it’s not good to place a mirror opposing the living room door. This can reflect back the chi.

Set up a fish tank:
Fish tanks are extremely auspicious, as also stressed in the vastu tips section. The invariable movement of fishes in a tank is said to bring in good chi. However, make sure you place the tank in the north of your living room. Although the size of the aquarium does not matter but placing a big tank with an enormous fireplace is not recommended. Remember, if you have a huge fire space make sure you place a small fish bowl or tank with a few gold fishes.

Exhibit feng shui items:
Display Fuk Luk Sau in the living room. Fuk Luk Sau are three star idols who stand for the three main desires of human beings – wealth, happiness, and longevity. Place fuk luk sau on an elevated side table at a height of eye view. Make sure you place the table right in the front of a wall. This generates a lot of positive energy for the whole household.

Select The Right Chimes:
The Chinese believe that Chimes promote harmony, prosperity and good health within the family. Make sure you buy a chime depending on the size of your living room. Also, the sound of the chime must be pleasant and clean. We advise you to pick a chime in metal with five hollow metals that represent the five elements- earth, fire, water, metal and wood.

Balancing The Yin and Yang

  • If there are any tall things make sure you add low things to maintain equilibrium.
  • fengshuicolorsIf the carpet in the room is bright counterbalance with soft colored cushions.
  • Balance out the vertical and horizontal items, and soft and hard elements to balance yin and yang.

Superimposing Ba gua

Ba gua is a map which has directions denoting eight important aspects of human life, namely- career, family, education, relationships, fame, health, travel and children. To make sure you conform to ba gua, take out your floor plan. Remember to add in room names on the plan. Sketch the ba gua over it. This way you will recognize which aspect lies in which room. Apply ba-gua on the living room and beautify accordingly for desired results.

Feng Shui Color

Choose the right color for your living room by finding out the sector it is located in. In the below mentioned diagram we have given a list of which color suits which sector of the house.