You can have the most attractive, state of the art office design, but if it does not comply with the norms set by feng shui office, you will never be able to achieve the kind of success you want to. In this segment we will discuss some feng shui tips related to the office.

Understanding Bagua

The first step in comprehending the principles of feng shui is to become friendly with the Bagua. A Bagua map will assist you in making your office “Feng Shui-friendly” by helping you place objects or furniture in areas that stimulate prosperity, discipline, and creativity. Once you establish connections between various spaces in the office and the eight different guas, you will see prosperity flowing in easily.

The Correct Usage Of Bagua In The Office

Correct usage of bagua means that your door to office lye’s in the “Career” area. Also, when you walk into the office, the “Wealth and Prosperity” area should be in the far left corner while “Love and Relationships” should be in the far right corner.

Objects Recommended Areas for Placing The Objects
Reference Books Knowledge area
Crystal Bowl Wealth and prosperity area
Reception, communication system Helpful people area
Picture of father or other relatives Family area

Remember, whether you are an employer or an employee your first step should be to stand at the workspace and map out all the sections according to the Bagua. Although your main focus must always be on areas related to wealth and fame, it’s good to pay attention to the other areas as well.

Feng Shui Colors

Bagua Map Area Suitable Color
Wealth And prosperity Purple, Blue, Red
Fame And Reputation Red And Orange
Love And Relationships Pink, Red, White
Family And Physical Health Green, Floral, Stripes
Spritual Health And Wellbeing Yellow And Earth Tones
Children And Creativity White And Pastels
Knowledge And Wisdom Blue And Green
Career Black
Travel And Helpful people Gray And Silver

Feng Shui Office Tips To Keep In Mind


  • If you face any partitions or partial walls when entering your office, make sure you hang a mirror over that partition.
  • Incase the doors that face each other across a hallway are not properly aligned, place a mirror in front of each door.

Office Desk

  • Always keep the desk in a commanding position where you have direct view of the main door, a wall behind you for stability and a lovely view out the window.
  • Tables with rounded curves encourage creativity. A kidney-shaped desk tends to give a subliminal feeling of inner alignment. Remember, the shape of a desk can really affect your productivity and mood in the workplace.
  • If there are several desks then make sure they are not placed in rows or back to back. Place two tables in a way that they face the main door diagonally and lay the rest of the tables in a way that they face the center of the room diagonally.


Plants help you build your connection with the natural world. Chinese believe that the color green spurs creativity and helps you maintain the creative element in the office. Apart from this, it also helps the positive Chi flow in every corner that is neglected otherwise.


There is no substitute for the natural daylight, so place your desk close to the window but do not place it directly in front of the window as that can cause exhaustion and eyestrain. You should also substitute fluorescent lights with other warm lights that don’t cause a glare. This will help improve your energy and mood dramatically.

Exterior Aspects Of An Office

The exteriors of any office building are extremely important and should also be designed according to Feng shui office.

  • The business premises should always be in a prosperous neighborhood.
  • Building entrance must look inviting rather than ordinary. Beautify the area to make it look attractive.
  • Never rent or buy buildings located at the end of the T intersection. If you already have your office in such an area, make sure you research about the feng shui cures for counteracting the negative energy flow.
  • A corner is the best location for an office building.
  • Make use of Feng Shui bagua to design the interior layout.