Feng Shui is a beautiful combination of science, art, and intuition, used to boost every area of our life. Is your love life struggling? Do you want more money? Is your career at a standstill? Feng Shui products are cures that help bring good fortune by fixing the flow of your energy. These tools can be used to spruce up a dying love life, improve career options, or help recover from bad health.

Chinese Feng Shui products are symbols of good luck that manifest the positive energies within the environment.


Old Chinese Coins

Chinese coins are Feng Shui symbols of wealth. They represent a union of earth and heaven. Wear these as amulets, or keep them in every part of your house/office for reaping profits.

 Places You Should Keep These Coins

  • By keeping 3 Chinese coins in your wallet or purse you increase your money luck.
  • Keep the Chinese coins in your bank and house lockers.
  • Paste them on important files and bill books for better luck and more sales.
  • Paste the coins on the “South Wall” for getting your wish fulfilled.
  • Keep one set of these coins in your office drawer for Good Luck.
  • Tie six Chinese coins with a red ribbon and paste them on the North Western wall of your living room.



According to Chinese Mythology, Chillin is the most powerful image of good luck. It attracts money, fortune and good health. You can display a small image of Chillin on your Office table. Also, a statue can be displayed near the front door in pairs or alone. They help absorb negative energies.

Three Legged Toad or Frog

Three legged toads are extremely auspicious. If placed diagonally opposite to your main door they invite lots of wealth. However, make sure the frog faces inside the house. You are also advised to keep it on the “South Eastern” direction of your office table.

Mandarin Ducks

a pair of Mandarin Ducks in a house are considered to be very lucky for romantic and happy marriages as well as for love. The ducks must always be kept in the “South West” of the living room or bedroom. They are called the “LOVE” enhancers and are a powerful symbol of martial bliss.


FUK LUK SAU are the Gods of wealth, health, and prosperity! Displaying these deities anywhere in your house brings in good health and good luck. Keep these statues in the “East” if you want good health. Also, they should be placed in the knowledge corner.

Metal Turtle with Plate

Metal turtles must be placed in the Northern direction of the living room. The plate below must be filled with water at all times. This helps in acquiring new projects and growing professionally.

Wind Chimes And Wind Bells

Wind Chimes are known to bring positive sound waves into the house, in turn creating a lot of good chi. Its advisable to hang chimes with different number of rods in various different corners of the office and house.

  • Hang a 5-rod wind chime in the living room and south east corner.
  • Hang a 6-rod wind chime in the North West corner.
  • Hang a 7-rod wind chime in the west.
  • Hang an 8-rod wind chime in the north east area.
  • Hang a 9-rod wind chime in the south east area.
  • Above 9-rod wind chime anywhere in the house and office.



The Dragon is deemed to be the most potent of symbols of good fortune. Place it in the eastern side of your living room for really good luck. If your business is in bad shape or finances are low, place a Dragon. This symbol is especially good for real estate agents, stockbrokers and the like.

Happy Man or Laughing Buddha

Laughing Buddha is seen as the God of wealth. It brings success, prosperity, and financial gains in the house. The best place to keep the laughing Buddha is on a corner or side table that faces the main door. Chi which enters the house from the main entrance is welcomed by the laughing Buddha who turns the energy into positive, prosperous chi.

Charm Cards

Charms cards can be kept in your pocket, banks, wallet, purses, and the like. It is for wealth, peace, health, education, career, prosperity, children, and long life.

Pakua Mirror
Pakua Mirror

Pakua mirror needs to be hung outside the office or residence on the upper side so that its not visible to the people walking in and out. It is kept outside so that bad evils and bad energies that enter reflect this mirror and convert into positive energy.