What is Vaastu Shaastra?

A: Vaastu Shaastra is a traditional Indian science of architecture which guides the construction and design of buildings with the natural and simple laws of the universe. Vaastu’s origin can be traced back to 7000 years. This edifice science offers detailed information about what to keep in mind when selecting a piece of land, and constructing buildings.

The Sanskrit word vastu here means a ‘house foundation’ or a ‘site’ and shastra translates to ‘teaching’ or ‘science’. Hence together they mean ‘science of construction’.

When is Vastu consultation required?

A: Vastu consultation is extremely helpful if you’re planning to buy or rent a house. It is particularly recommended if you are facing difficulties in life, or if there is no harmony at work or home.

How can one know that the Vastu energies around the house are bad?

A: Our house is our haven and an extension of our mental state. Homes that have been constructed in coarse violation of the principles of Vastu shastra for house tend to turn into forerunners of insomnia, hopelessness, domestic problems, financial difficulties, mood swings, infertility, body pains, arthritis, stiffness, rheumatism, or other such chronic ailments. The residents of the house suffer from dreadful states such as insecurity, loss of love, alcoholism, and misery. Apart from this, the inmates may also notice the presence of cockroaches, pests, and centipedes. The electronic gadgets also tend to fail regularly.

If the aforementioned symptoms are present in the house you live in, then undoubtedly the vastu energies are bad and require help.

Why do directions hold such significance in Vastu Shastra?

A: It’s important to know that different planets rule different directions and have particular influences on the residents. By comprehending the effects different directions have, one can balance out the diverse forces cordially.

What do the directions represent?

A: East governs wisdom, wealth and male issues. Southeast governs fire, health, cooking and food. South governs happiness, wealth and the head female member of a family. Southwest governs behavior, character, and death. West presides over fame, prosperity, name and the head male member of a family. Northwest presides over enmity, friendship, change, income from business. North governs prosperity, wealth, and female issues. Northeast governs wealth, health, spirituality and over all prosperity.

Do colors have a role in Vastu?

A: Yes, the colors used inside and outside the house or office must coordinate with the hues of the particular elements and planets associated with the directions. Doing this enhances the flow of energy around you.

Does religion play a role in Vaastu?

A: Religion plays absolutely no role in vaastu. Vastushastra is a science based on universal laws of planetary forces.

What are the similarities and differences between feng shui and Vastu?

A: Both these systems are based upon planetary energies and the fundamental elements of the forces of nature. Feng shui considers water, wind, air and fire as the basic elements, while Vastu considers air, fire, space, earth and water.

Vaastu is known to be more mathematical.

Can Vastushastra bring wealth?

A: Yes, Vastushastra proposes different ways in which one can live in sync with the nature’s laws, to stay healthy, wise, and work proficiently to gain prosperity.

Does the size of a house affect the fate of the person living in it?

A: Yes, the length, breadth both affect the fate of the residents who live in it.