You’ve been working on a presentation for weeks and the office computer crashes, or worse you suffer heavy losses due to reasons that are completely oblivious to you. Instead of feeling victimized, think about what led to these problems, was it some external force trying to conspire against you? Well, the fact is wrongly constructed buildings, settings and objects can have a very powerful negative effect on people. Fortunately, there is an antidote!

By using Vastu Shastra people can extricate themselves from a potentially bad situation and start a successful career. Vastu shastra and particularly vastu shastra for office is based on the art of right settings that help derive maximum benefits. The system takes into consideration several factors, such as the most suitable location for a workplace, the various directions in which the office departments and reception must be located, office exteriors, placement of different electronic gadgets, and the like.

Imagine situation where you are working in an office and all your sudden your computer breaks down. What would you do? These types of losses have become indispensable for you? If yes, you can blame it to the wrongly constructed building of your office. If your office has not been built according to the Vastu for office rules, you can expect to have a powerful negative impact on your surroundings which will result in a heavy loss. It is better to take care hence.

Vastu Shastra has an immense potential. With the help of Vastu Shastra, you can extricate yourself from loads of adverse situations and can start afresh and excel in your career. With the help of the right settings for your office you can reap the maximum benefits. You need to take care of a number of things like where the office departments and reception of your offices should be located. How should be the exteriors of your office and where you should place electronic gadgets?

Welcome room of your business houses should be located in the East direction and in the North-east corner of your rooms. Given here are certain valuable Vastu tips for office that you need to follow:

  • The central part of your office building should be left vacant.
  • Rooms of the office owners should be located in the South-west direction and you should always face the North. Never try to construct temples or idols behind the seat of the owner. All the desks of the offices should be rectangular.
  • The desks of your employees should face North or East direction.
  • The North-west zone of your office or a business building is the most important direction. A proper care needs to be taken hence. You should not consider constructing toilets or washroom and keep this direction absolutely clutter-free. If you do not do so, it will hamper the flow of finances. White horses symbolize financial support and hence a picture of these should be placed in t he North-West zone.
  • Account department of your office should be in the North or the East zone of the office. All the cash transaction should happen only from the East and the North direction. The financial records should be kept in the Southwest or North of the cabinet.
  • Needless to say that your businesses work on payments and the new orders. With the help of Vastu tips, you can make the entire process smoother and absolutely hassle-free. Pantry of your office should not be in the North zone and should not be in Pink or Red. Likewise, the South-east zone of your office should be painted from the blue color and the green plants should be used there.
  • Consider constructing the conference rooms of your office in the North-west direction.
  • Placing an aquarium in the North-East direction of the office brings unhampered flow of finances. You should keep one blackfish and nine goldfish in the aquarium.
  • Desks or workstations should be square or square but not in L-shape. You should strictly avoid any irregular shape as it creates a lot of confusion and does not considered to be good from the Vastu perspective.
  • The electric equipment’s should be placed in the South-east direction of the office building.
  • If you deal with the manufacturing business, you should start the construction from the South and then move towards the North and west.

Vastu for Office Construction

Constructing the office buildings as per the rules of Vastu will give you the kind of profits you are looking up to.

  • Cabins of the senior executives should be constructed in the western, southern or southwestern sections.
  • You need to choose either rectangular or square plot for the office.
  • Northern and Eastern zones are the best for seating the middle level employees.
  • All the side tables and telephones if any should be situated in the southeast direction.
  • Reception of your office should be in the North-east segment of the office.
  • In the openings there should be no obstructions.
  • If you have doors and windows in the office for the sake of ventilation, they should be in the Eastern and Northern direction.

It so happens sometimes that you work on certain important project or presentations and your computer breaks down. What do you do? If you do not want to suffer heavy losses, be very careful while constructing your office buildings and settings objects there. If you know the most suitable directions in the offices and know where exactly the office exteriors should be located and where should you place the electronic gadgets you would be able to churn the maximum profits. Henceforth, Vastu for office is important.