Vastu for Office Construction

What do you get when you combine beautiful design ideas with Vastu shastra for office? Well, we call it a magnificent construction that spells success! Here are some vastu tips to keep in mind when getting your office building constructed-

  • Cabins for senior executives must be constructed in the southern, western and southwestern sections.
  • Always choose a square or rectangular plot for the office.
  • Eastern and Northern zones are best for seating the middle level employees
  • Accounts department must be situated in the southeast direction
  • Reception must be in the northeast segment of the office
  • The side tables and telephones have to be installed in the south west corner
  • Cabinets or safe containing important documents must be placed in the southwest direction.
  • There should be no hindrances near door openings.
  • The central zone of the office must be kept vacant.
  • The owner of the company must have a rectangular desk in the cabin.
  • The best location for a pantry is the southeast or northwest zone.
  • Do not install tube wells in the southern direction.
  • The marketing department must be situated in the northwest of the office.
  • The office must not be built close to a graveyard, hospital or a temple.
  • The best location for toilets is southwest and northeast.
  • The windows and doors of the workplace must be placed in northern and eastern directions.