Tips for vastu can help you replenish your life by wading away negative energies and bringing in prosperity. Indian vastu shastra has the power to improve your love life, working conditions, financial status and much more.

Tips For Vastu That Can Help Enhance your Love Life

You’ve been to therapies, joined support groups, cried in front of your best friend but nothing worked. Perhaps, the problem is not with you or your partner. According to us (and we say it with a lot of experience) there are forces of nature that start working against people if they start differing from the natural laws of nature.

If your relationship with your spouse is loosing spark then here are a few effective Vastu shastra tips to renew your love life

  • According to vastu for bedroom, its important to make sure your bedroom is in the south-west direction.
  • Sleep pointing towards the Southern corner.
  • Get the master bedroom painted in light color tones such as- sea green, light rose, and blue.
  • Increase the amount of light that enters the house and keep the house lit at all times, until bed time.
  • Decorate the house with crystal showpieces and centerpieces. Crystal assists in attracting light. Consequently, giving some light to your relationship.
  • De-clutter your living space. Cluttered things tend to restrict the flow of love.

Vastu shastra Tips for Finance –

Money money money! A sudden inheritance, a lottery, you name it! If you want wealth there is no better way to attract it than by following these tips for vastu!

  • Fish aquariums attract wealth. Therefore, buy an aquarium for your house. However, make sure you choose lively, beautiful, healthy fishes as their continuous movement helps keep the energy of wealth on the move. Also, keep the water aerated and clean.
  • Hanging crystals in the window stimulates energy. When the light of the sun hits them, they create the most beautiful rainbows; bringing prosperity to your house.
  • Add uniqueness to your front door to attract wealth inside. You can do this by painting it in a color that is different from the adjoining walls.
  • Hang a mirror that reflects the locker or the cash box. This symbolically multiplies the opportunities and money by two.
  • Place a bird feeder or a birdbath in your yard to attract wild life. Wildlife brings with it positive energies and are magnificent acts of cleaning up the money matters and drawing prosperity from every direction.
  • If money tends to disappear from your life, place a solid object in the far-left corner of your house or room.

Tips for Vastu For Daily Life

  • Your drawing room must always face the northern direction. Also, the furniture must be placed along the southern and western walls. This will ensure that you sit facing north and East which is very good for a healthy mind.
  • The kitchen must always be in the Southeastern corner. It should never be placed in either below or above the Pooja room, bedroom, or the toilet. It must also never be next to or in front of the toilets.
  • Pooja room has to face the east or north east direction.
  • Vastu for study room suggests that this room must be in the East, North or Northeast direction.
  • The bathrooms of the house should face the east direction.