vastutipsforflatWhen it comes to a city life, there is no longer room for big houses, luxurious parking spaces, backyards, and pavements leading to the main entrance. All of that has been replaced by multi-unit high rise buildings with balconies for backyards and lifts for pavements! However, it isn’t so bad! Living in an apartment has its own advantages, given the flat is built as per the norms set by vaastu shaastra.

To enjoy the convenience of an apartment make sure you follow the below mentioned Vastu Shastra Tips for Flats. Remember, vastu for house is a little different from that of an apartment.

Ideal Directions Of Rooms In A Flat

Room Ideal Direction According to Vastu Pointers
Master Bedroom Southwest corner
  • If your flat has more than one floor then make sure the master bedroom is on the top floor.
  • The ceilings of the floor must always be in level.
Children’s room Northwest corner
Bathroom West or South Bathroom drains must always flow in the north-east
Drawing room Northwest
  • Furnishings must be placed in the south and west directions.
  • Maximum open space must be kept in south and east directions.
Kitchen Southeast
  • The cook must always face east when cooking.
  • The water taps in a kitchen must be in the Northeastern direction.
Study Room Northeast, Northwest, North, West, East corners
  • Make sure the study room and pooja rooms are adjacent to one other. This is considered very auspicious.
  • The study table should be kept in Eastern or Northern wall.
Store Room Southern part of the building
  • Grain and other supplies should be stocked inside the kitchen or in any other room.
  • Things must never be stored inside the box beds, as it can cause sleeping disorders.
Wastes from the kitchen Southwest corner of the kitchen The Waste Bins must always be kept covered
Doors North and East The waves that rise from the doors influence the mind of the person entering from the door.
Guest Room Northwest direction The room in northwest is also considered to be very auspicious for unmarried girls.
General Room North-West
Water-Tank North-West
Balconies North, East Or North- East directions Eastern balcony is very auspicious according to Vastu
Puja room Northeast
Windows Eastern and Northern sides of a building

Height of Rooms, Windows, Doors

  • As per vastu, the rooms located in the northern part of a flat must be bigger by six to nine inches (and lower by one to three inches) than the rooms constructed in the southern side.
  • The ideal height of the rooms is twelve to fourteen inches.
  • The main door of the flat must always be larger than the other doors inside the apartment. Also, every door must open towards the walls.
  • Windows must be built three to four feet above ground level, and must have the same level from the top.

Vastu Tips For Flat : Things To Keep In Mind

  • The flat must have a normal shape, such as square or rectangle.
  • The apartment must never fall at a dead end of a road.
  • T-point buildings must be avoided.
  • Every room must have four walls or corners.
  • Analyze the soil of the site (different soils create different kind of vibrations)