Pregnancy is one subject that generates a lot of paper. However, despite all the books, pamphlets and magazines devoted to the topic, this nine month period can be extremely overwhelming and surprising for soon-to-be mothers. Vastu experts believe that apart from taking a gynaecologists advice into consideration, certain simple Vastu tips should also be followed to bear a healthy child.

Vastu Tips For pregnancy:

Choosing The Best Direction:

Couples who are planning to get pregnant should use the North-western room (main element Air) till the onset of pregnancy. Once the woman has conceived, she should shift to a North-eastern (Easanya) room.

Heat And Pregnancy:

A pregnant lady must never have her room in the south east direction. It is a proven fact that heat has great repercussions in pregnancy. Anything that increases a pregnant woman’s core body temperature can increase congenital anomalies (during the first trimester). Normally, the basal body temperature of a woman is higher during pregnancy. Hence, it’s important to stay away from electronics such as the television, microwave or any other equipment which emits electro-magnetic energies. This way, the lady can avoid escalating her temperature to a hazardous level.

The South-eastern sector of a building and room should be avoided by pregnant women at least for the first trimester.

Thermal Heat:

Thermal heat is another factor which affects pregnancy. Studies show that thermal electricity produced by the Sun moves over the earth’s surface from East to West. Hence, pregnant ladies should avoid sleeping with heads to the east. They should sleep with their head to the southern direction.

Colors And Pregnancy:

  • According to vastu for pregnancy, the color Blue has cooling qualities; hence a night bulb emanating soft blue light during night, is suggested.
  • Violet and indigo which are also known for their soothing qualities can be used during pregnancy.
  • Violet is believed to be very good for maintaining sodium and potassium balance, and bone growth of the body. Also, pregnant mothers who meditate regularly should meditate under the violet light as it’s a motivating and spiritual color.
  • In case there are any pains, indigo should be used for its anesthetic qualities.
  • Read through the vastu colors for home section for more information on vastu’s take on colors.

We’re sure your doctor hasn’t mentioned all these things to you, but remember just because science does not see it or maybe does not find it so important does not mean it does not exist. Goodluck!